Supercar Scenix - Take a Ride in a Lamborghini Whitianga, New Zealand

Take a Ride in a Lamborghini!

How often do you get the chance to ride in a Lamborghini?

Now you can, with Supercar Scenix!

Whichever Lamborghini experience you select, it's all here!

Standard Open Road:

Approx 14 kms from base down SH25 and return (includes Redline Rush). Allow 30 minutes for this option. $100.00

Standard Scenic:

Approx 14 kms passing the new Waterways development, Buffalo Beach, wharf, marina, through Whitianga town centre, and return. Allow 30 minutes for this option. $100.00

Deluxe Scenic:

Approx 40kms from base past Buffalo Beach, Simpsons Beach, over the bushclad hills to historic Kuaotunu Bay and return. Allow 60 minutes for this option. $295.00

Deluxe Inland:

Approx 40kms from base onto SH25 heading South on open rural road to the famous Coroglen Tavern and return (includes Redline Rush). Allow 60 minutes for this option. $295.00


This is an option that takes you on a cruise around the longest block in town and back to base for a photo shoot. ONLY $50.00


Now available on Standard Open Road ride. ($10.00 surcharge applies). We will drive you to the halfway point in our unique "Snail Car" (pictured at right - click the image for a larger look). You'll then swap seats with your "Share-a-ride" partner and take the return trip to base in the Murcielago. NB: "Redline rush" experience only applies to return section of "Share-a-ride".

Other options:

Pricing by arrangement. Minimum: $100.00

All rides are preceded by a safety check and include a photo shoot. Your photos will be emailed to you.

Contact Supercar Scenix to book the ride of your life!